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Laser sensors keep your garage door from closing on any person or object while the door is in motion. When these Sensors Misaligned, your garage door will not open and close all the way. If you are having problems with your garage door closing, then the most likely culprit is the Garage Door Safety Sensors. The garage door safety sensors are meant for safety and keep the garage door from closing or crushing something or someone and from locking someone in the garage. Garage door safety sensors are an important feature that may require a homeowner’s attention from time to time to ensure proper garage door function. A garage door that does not close as a result of the sensors, is a common issue we have seen with most of the garage doors. If in any case, safety sensors of your residential and commercial garage door have stopped working, contact us at Top Garage Door Contractor Company of Coldfoot. We have remedies for these malfunctioning safety sensors.

Coldfoot, Alaska Garage Door Safety Sensor

Garage Door Safety Sensor Adjustment in Coldfoot

Sometimes the sensors will burn out or rats, mice even dogs will chew the wires of Safety Sensors. There are many names of safety sensors such as photo eyes, Infrared Safety Beams, sensors, and black boxes at the bottom of the Garage Door Tracks. These infrared safety beams keep your family safe and not having the garage door close on a vehicle, person, child, or pet. If the safety sensor system of your garage door is not working, it is a matter of risk to the security and safety of your garage. You need a professional to adjust the safety sensor of your garage door. Top Garage Door Contractor Company in Coldfoot has all the remedies of Safety Sensor Adjustment. We have the skills and professionalism to get the job done rightly and perfectly in minimum time and expenditure. 

Coldfoot Garage Door Opener Safety Sensor Repair

A garage door professional has the experience and knowledge of working with many different types of systems and has the tools and equipment needed to fix the problem. Top Garage Door Contractor Company has been serving the automatic door needs of the AK area. We have installed thousands of garage doors on residential and commercial buildings. The quality of the work we do and the excellent service each of our customers receives, make us prominent and reliable in the industry of garage door repairing company throughout Coldfoot AK. Our Emergency Garage Door services are pocket-friendly for every client throughout Alaska. We provide the best repair services for Overhead Garage Doors with the most competitive and challenging prices. We look forward to assisting you with your garage door issues. Top Garage Door Contractor Company of Coldfoot professionals have the experience and knowledge of working with different types of safety sensor systems. 

Garage Door Opener Safety Sensor Repair in Coldfoot


Can you bypass garage door safety sensors?

Considering that a lot of picture eye sensors are positioned at that two-inch height, many people recognize you can just step high above the infrared light to bypass the system. The garage door will certainly remain to close if your steps avoid the photo-eye sensing unit. Detaching the garage door opener from the garage door will certainly bypass the sensors.

How do I know if my garage door sensor is bad?

If the door rises but drops just when you hold back the wall button, check to see that the security sensing units remain in positioning. The tiny light on each sensing unit need to be illuminated when nothing is in between them Door sensing units do go bad, so if no light is showing in all, you might require to change them.

How do garage door safety sensors work?

Garage door security sensing units have been mandatory on all garage door openers because of 1993. These garage door sensors function when electricity is transformed right into an infrared beam of light. This light is discharged from one side of your garage door from a sending out device that sits 4 inches up from the flooring.

Are our garage door safety sensors universal?

There's no retrofit set, as the sensors are linked to the reasoning board; it's the only method it can react and also swiftly reverse the electric motor. Considering that garage door openers differ so much, there's no universal item that'd work. Some more information on garage door opener security

Should both sensors on the garage door be green?

Take a look at the sensing units, there should be a light on each sensor. If not among them has most likely been bumped or kicked. They should both be environment-friendly. Simply eye them up to take a look at each other up until the lights both come on strong as well as constant.