Affordable Commercial Garage Doors Repair in Phoenix, AZ

Commercial buildings, like warehouses, parking garages, and distribution centers, require large garage doors to protect the products and assets stored inside. You put a lot of time, effort and energy into making sure your business runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Just as Commercial Garage Doors have distinct technical requirements from their residential counterparts, the installation process is frequently different for businesses and industrial facilities. Our professional team at Top Garage Door Contractor is available for Emergency Garage Door Installation and Repair in Phoenix. We offer affordable garage door repair services. It could be a damaged door, faulty garage door opener or a broken spring; our technicians are exceptionally skilled at providing the best repair service for it all. 

Phoenix, AZ Commercial Garage Door

Types of Commercial Garage Doors We Install 

We install the following kinds of a commercial garage door at Garage Door Contractor:

  • Sectional Garage Doors
  • Rolling Service Doors
  • Fire Doors
  • Traffic Doors
  • Insulated Doors

Sectional Door Installation at Garage Door Contractor

Sectional Garage Door ServicesIf thermal efficiency and security are a concern, a Sectional Garage Door is the best option. Sectional garage doors also operate quietly and generate little noise in windy applications. These steel doors are ideal where durability and reliability are of the highest priority. This is a simple low-cost option, requiring minimal maintenance. Team Top Garage Door Contractor can install a sectional garage door for your business to make it safe and secure. Our trained technicians use the highest care and are fully certified. We are the experts to trust. Let us handle your Commercial Garage Door installation.

Rolling Service Doors Installation at Garage Door Contractor

Commercial Garage Door Rolling Services There are many different types of doors. Our expert team of garage door techs can help you understand the differences and the advantages that any garage door can provide your business. Rolling Garage Door is meant to conserve side-room and headroom, the rolling service garage door makes it easy to use. This door takes up less space, making for a more visually pleasing facility. Sometimes a garage door can be so old, that it should be replaced. A new garage door can add beauty and value to any home or business. Our company is highly skilled in New Garage Door Installation services. We offer all of our services at a very affordable price.  

Insulated Doors Installation at Garage Door Contractor

Insulated Commercial Garage Door ServiceInsulated doors are ideal for industrial environments, the Insulated Garage Doors help maintain a controlled climate. Most types of doors can be fitted to be insulated. A must-have for any precision manufacturing business. We at Top Garage Door Contractor can provide a range of locking mechanisms to ensure the safety of your business. Our high-quality Commercial Garage Door Installation can be secured for use by you and your staff. Our mission is to provide what you need to keep your business running smoothly. We have years of experience in the industry, with a proven track record of excellence.

Commercial Overhead Garage Doors Repairing at Top Garage Door Contractor​

We troubleshoot and repair the following:

At Top Garage Door Contractor, we offer expert commercial Overhead Garage Door Repair in Phoenix for residential, commercial and industrial overhead doors. Our professional technicians will complete your commercial garage door repair job in a timely and efficient manner. When your business relies on the proper function of its commercial garage door for shipping and receiving, it is important that there is little to no downtime. At Top Garage Door Contractor, we offer overhead garage door repair services throughout Phoenix. 

Why Do You Trust Garage Door Contractor for Commercial Garage Door Repairing and Installation in Phoenix?

If you are looking for installation a new garage door for your business, you expect things to be perfect, especially if you are paying for it. At Top Garage Door Contractor, we complete all projects to a high standard of quality, with respect to your budget and your property. Team Top Garage Door Contractor can provide your home or business with a complete installation of your garage door at a very affordable price throughout Phoenix, AZ. We have expert garage door technicians who do excellent work of commercial garage door installation. We have skilled technicians to provide commercial garage door installation services throughout Phoenix in AZ area. 


How much does it cost to install a commercial garage door?

To set up a solitary brand-new garage door it must set you back in between $500 and $800. They show that the typical homeowner can typically tackle such a job in a 9 hr time period and a specialist will certainly have the ability to finish it in roughly five hrs.

What are commercial garage doors?

Doors do more than just permit a path. ... Commercial Garage Doors be available in a wide array of shapes, dimensions, as well as are constructed from different materials relying on their use. Some of the primary types of industrial garage doors are roll-up doors, fire rated, doors, overhanging doors, and also scissor gates.

How much does a commercial door cost?

Generally, commercial steel door installment sets you back regarding $8,000. Industrial steel door setup expenses varied from $1,500 to $15,000 or higher for the US in 2019. Joints will certainly cost you an additional $100 each.

How much is labor for garage door?

You can generally anticipate paying from $500 to $1,500 to have a garage door mounted. Several companies charge by the complexity of the job and the amount of labor. You can expect to pay added if more services are needed, such as an electrician