A Broken Garage Door Cables Replacement in Phoenix by Top Garage Door Contractor

The Garage Door Cables carry the weight of the door and are under a lot of pressure. Cables do experience wear and tear just like all the other working parts of your garage door. Over time, the garage door cables may stretch a bit, weaken, and become frayed and snap. The garage door cables help the Garage Door Opener operate properly. All garage door cables whether you have extended cables or torsion cables can break down eventually. When cables break or come off the drums, you will notice that your garage door becomes stuck or cocked to one side. Frayed and broken garage door cables can cause your garage door to become inoperable altogether. For the safety of your family and security of your belongings, Top Garage Door Contractor has remedies of broken and damaged garage door cable in Phoenix.

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Types of Garage Door Cable

Garage Door Cable TypesThere are three types of garage door cable:

  • Torsion
  • Extension
  • Safety


Common Garage Door Cable Problems

A garage door has extension springs. When these Garage Door Springs break, increased energy will be put on the door causing serious injuries. This force can damage a vehicle. If your garage door has safety cables, the cables will provide protection when the springs break.

Garage Door Cable Replacement at Top Garage Door Contractor​

Garage Door Cable Replacement ServiceIf the torsion spring is damaged or broken, the cable will snap. This sudden snap can cause damage to the garage wall or the vehicle inside the garage. This snapping cable can cause serious harm. We know that having a damaged or broken garage door cable is not only an inconvenience but a threat to the security of your home and a big threat to your life. At Top Garage Door Contractor, we have the best professionally trained garage door technicians who come to your home with trucks fully stocked with the best quality parts. Thus, our technicians at Top Garage Door Contractor, after conducting a thorough inspection of your garage door, will offer you the best options for you, based on cost-effectiveness, security as well as the best value to you. If you need Garage Door Cable Replacement, call our professionals at Top Garage Door Contractor.

Garage Door Cable Repair at Top Garage Door Contractor​

Garage Door Cable Repair ServicesIf your door sticks when it is opened or closed, it could be a cable problem. Garage door cables run through garage door springs and prevent them from recoiling. These cables are responsible for holding a garage door when the springs suddenly break or malfunction. These cables are of utmost importance for a properly functioning and safe garage door. A broken garage door cable can damage Overhead Garage Door and its springs. If in Phoenix you are facing any issue with your garage door while opening or closing and suspect a cable issue, contact us at Top Garage Door Contractor and we will quickly fix your problem of garage door cable repair.

Why Do You Choose Garage Door Contractor For Garage Door Cable Repair in Phoenix?

Our technicians at Top Garage Door Contractor are trained to handle garage door cable replacement projects. Professional service at Top Garage Door Contractor ensures your safety. A malfunctioning door can be dangerous, and if it is not repaired properly. Are you searching for a reliable Garage Door Cable Repair service company in Phoenix AZ, there is no better company than Top Garage Door Contractor to do the job of garage door cable repair and replacement in Phoenix AZ. We respond to all calls immediately and fix your residential and Commercial Garage Door problem at the earliest. We are available to you anytime you call our garage door repair services experts throughout Phoenix AZ. Contact us today for your garage repair and replacement services as we are a call away.


How much does it cost to replace a cable on a garage door?

Garage door wires cost around $15 each as well as $30 for both. We advise obtaining cables installed or changed by a professional door company, so you would certainly include the service/installation cost. The overall amount you ought to invest in changing cables must remain in the variety of $90 to $115.

What size is garage door cable?

The garage door cord comes in several various spools as well as sizes. There are open-loop and also thimble, along with 5/16", 3/8", and also 1/2" spools.

How long do garage door cables last?

The springs will normally last anywhere from 10,000 to 20,000 cycles.

What causes garage door cable to come off?

An incorrectly tensioned springtime leads to issues with the cables. Spring can have way too much or inadequate tension. A springtime that's also strong will create cords to jump off the drum. One that's too weak can cause the cables to take a break.

What happens when garage door cable breaks?

A broken cable causes extra tension to transfer to the other cable, placing tremendous strain on it. This can make the garage door lift unevenly, causing it to become crooked and unbalanced. Therefore, if your garage door is squeaking, shaking or operating strangely, this could mean a cable has snapped