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A typical Garage Door Opener comprises a reversible motor that operates a carriage along with a rail structure above the garage door. A garage door opener makes a garage door more convenient and lifesaver. The garage door opener interacts with a radio frequency transmitted by either a keypad or remote to control the door. Gone are the days when you had to pull up garage door in rainy weather to park your car, now you just to push a button inside your vehicle and the garage door open for you. The added ease of use a garage door opener provides is immeasurable. Our team of skilled garage door opener repair and Commercial Garage Door technicians at Top Garage Door Contractor are able to install, replace or repair garage door opener on your demand.

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Garage Door Opener Repair and Replacement Services at Top Garage Door Contractor​

Garage Door OpenerWe offer some of the following services of garage door opener repair and replacement:

Whatever the issue of your garage door is, Top Garage Door Contractor is there to help you to fix garage door opener repair and replacement services. 

Garage Door Opener Repair Services at Top Garage Door Contractor​

Garage Door Opener Repair ServicesOne of the most common issues if your Garage Door Opener stops operating is the alignment of the photo eyes. Other issues include disruption of the power source and remote/battery malfunction. Worn gears in the operator and on the chain or belt rail are another common issue. Sometimes fixing it is as simple as adjusting the limit settings or the sensitivity of the opener. Other fixes may involve the opener’s circuit board, the motor, drive belts or limit switches. A garage door off track or worn Garage Door Rollers can also make it difficult for the operator to pull the door open. Whatever the issue of your garage door opener malfunction is, Top Garage Door Contractor is there to address all your repair needs. 

Garage Door Opener Installation Services at Top Garage Door Contractor​

Garage Door Installation ServicesInstallation of garage door openers can be tricky. This job demands precision and expertise and our technicians are well suited for. Our professional garage door opener installer at Top Garage Door Contractor can come to your home and installs a New Garage Door Opener. Equipped with proper training and gear, our technicians will assure you that your garage will function well as new. Whatever you need installed in your home, our skilled technician will get the job done right and on time. We make installing garage doors easy the way it should be. Experienced and fully-trained in most manufacturer models, we replace garage doors the right way the first time. 

Why Do You Trust Top Garage Door Contractor​ for Garage Door Opener Repair and Installation Services in Phoenix?

At Top Garage Door Contractor, we guarantee that we can effectively service any Garage Door Opener issue you may be experiencing. Our Emergency Garage Door Repair and installation technicians are trained and certified to ensure that they are equipped with the knowledge needed to tackle a wide range of garage door opener repair and replacement services. Once you call us, we can be out within the blink of an eye to immediately begin working on your garage door. Whether a garage door opener is defective or not working at all, our fully-insured and licensed team knows how to Replace a Garage Door Opener for a fully functioning unit. We have experience with all types of garage door openers. From remotes to keypad free, our experts will make sure the new garage door openers fulfill the customer’s needs throughout Phoenix AZ. 


How much does it cost to put in a new garage door opener?

The typical cost to set up a garage door opener is $343 with many homeowners paying between $220 and $498. They kind of opener you install will affect your task expense. Garage openers themselves normally range between $150 to $300, with chain-driven openers valued on the lower end as well as belt-driven on the greater end.

Which is better belt or chain garage door opener?

A belt drive nonetheless almost gets rid of noise from the process which is among the primary benefits it has more than the chain drive. In this regard, there isn't much of a competition. Belt drive garage doors are much quieter to operate. Toughness - Belt drives will do a fine task of raising virtually any kind of garage door.

Does Home Depot install garage door openers?

given the opener & labor are purchased at The Home Depot. We install both Chamberlain & Genie, get in touch with your neighborhood shop for designs, details as well as rates. The rate to mount a garage door opener depends where the opener is being installed.

Can I install a garage door opener myself?

Try setting up a garage door opener on your own as opposed to paying somebody else to do it. Installation must just take you a couple of hours to complete as well as having a garage door opener will certainly make the opening as well as closing your garage door every day so much quicker as well as simpler.