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Garage Door Tracks are the metal components rollers that move along as the garage door opens and closes. The metal tracks are anchored into the walls and the Garage Door Rollers are attached to the door to guide it along the tracks to where it needs to go. If something goes wrong with the garage door track, your garage door may make loud noises while opening and closing, shake and vibrate while moving, or stop working altogether. Replacing broken or damaged garage door tracks require taking down other parts of your garage door system and putting it back together properly. When you suspect that your garage door tracks need immediate and urgent repairing or replacement in Phoenix Top Garage Door Contractor is the right choice to call for the services. Having worked in the field for so long, our technicians know all the ins and outs of garage door tracks and can effectively troubleshoot your garage door tracks’ malfunctioning.

Phoenix, AZ Garage door Tracks

Problems of Garage Door Track

There are several problems which can occur to your garage door:

  • Debris Buildup
  • Rust
  • Poor Placement
  • Damage 

Garage door tracks require regular maintenance to keep them working, including cleaning and lubrication. Without maintenance, the tracks can get jammed with debris, or end up rusting.

Types of Garage Door Track

Type of Track Garage Door

Not all tracks of the garage doors are the same. There are:

  • Standard Lift Tracks 
  • High Lift Tracks 
  • Low Headroom Tracks


Garage Door Tracks Repairing at Top Garage Door Contractor​

Garage door Tracks Repairing The garage door moves on its tracks. The metal tracks can get damaged by objects. Sometimes debris sweeps up into the tracks and causes a problem for a garage door. When you suspect that you need your garage door tracks lubricated or repaired, you can give a call to Top Garage Door Contractor in Phoenix. Our service technicians conduct all aspects of the residential and Commercial Garage Door track repair services both courteously and professionally. We have experience and skills too to repair your off-track garage door.

Garage Door Tracks Replacement at Top Garage Door Contractor​

Garage Door Track ReplacementA garage door that works properly can prove to be very useful in a home or business. If your garage door has come off the track, Top Garage Door Contractor can help you to eliminate this problem. We come prepared with a stocked truck so we are ready to handle any problem you may have with your garage door track and offer 24-hour Emergency Garage Door Service. We offer very affordable garage door track replacement services. Our company Top Garage Door Contractor specializes in replacing all makes and model garage door tracks. We can save you valuable time and money by coming to your home or business to install a New Garage Door Track. We offer our clients a complete guarantee with all of our services.

Why Do You Contact Top Garage Door Contractor​ for Garage Door Tracks Repairing and Replacement in Phoenix?

A broken or damaged track can prevent the garage door from opening or closing efficiently. At Top Garage Door Contractor we take customer satisfaction extremely seriously. We provide fast, friendly and reliable services of garage door track repairing and replacement throughout Phoenix AZ. At Top Garage Door Contractor, there is a 24-hour emergency service available. We are fast and quick so we perform same-day service available. We are an experienced, licensed and certified garage door repairing company in Phoenix. We are always ready to get the job done quickly. We pay equal attention to all our clients as no job or project is small for us. We are trustworthy because we provide customer satisfaction guaranteed. We offer high-quality Garage Door Repair around the clock. 



How do you straighten a garage door track?

Straighten out the curved garage door track as long as possible with the claw end of a hammer. Next, eliminate the track screws that secure the vertical track to the wall braces utilizing an outlet wrench. Eliminate the best track. It will typically be safeguarded by a nut or a pop rivet.

What is a garage door track assembly?

A setting up typically composed of a section of track as well as strengthened with an angle that is made use of to both guide and sustains the garage door in the horizontal placement

Can I use old track for new garage door?

An old pair of garage door tracks might not be compatible with a new panel or garage door system. Many tracks are secured with a rivet that is just set to open up and also close at a distance from the side message that is set in the manufacturing facility. While a couple of doors can be adjusted for various tracks, many can not.

How much does it cost to replace a garage door track?

Garage door track substitute costs between $125 and $200 usually.